Ladies & Men Knitwear: Stylish Cardigans

Cardigans are staple wardrobe. They could perfectly matched to every pieces leaving a stylish appearance. Cardigans are intended for men and women and come in different fibres, such as silk, cotton, and wool. They mostly seen with buttons in the front, but there also some that can be zipped up.

Cardigans also offer buyers with the choice of long sleeves and short sleeves. They can be worn with a tie and a button-down for men.

Cardigans for Women

Cardigan is the perfect solution for multi seasoning those summer dresses and tops. I have been checking out some very pretty patterned cardigans which are perfect cover up for the spring summer. Also there are cardigans that may have some sort of formal or mix-match of blouse. Here are my favourites:

Savoir Designer 2 in 1 Cardigan in Cobalt BlueSouth 2 in 1 Satin Cardigan in BlackSouth Designer 2 in 1 Cardigan in BlackSouth Designer 2 in Satin Cardigan in BlackSouth Designer Longline Cardigan

Cardigans for Men

There are lots of reasons why cardigans are vital part of men’s fashion. They are much fashioned charm that jumper. Like sweaters, you can undo if it gets hot, without taking them off. Popular people are starting wearing cardigans including Jude Law, Jack Osbourne, and Stevern Gerrard. And the last, they can be an alternative to pullovers or jackets when it gets cold.

GREY BUTTONLESS CARDIGANStone Geo Textured CardiganStonewash Baseball CardiganGrey Textured Pocket CardiganSource


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