Buy Second Hand clothes: an Eco Friendly Way of Shopping

Buying of second hand clothes is the most eco friendly way of shopping. Expect that there is no additional carbon footprint (except for transport) associated with buying new clothes. In this case, we understand that you cannot always find exactly what you want second hand and will sometimes need to buy new.

Second Hand clothesShopping of second hand clothes is not a pleasant one for many people, maybe they do not know the effect of this in our environment and savings. But do you know that there are more shopping and ideas and inspiration which definitely cost you nothing.

I can give you some tips on buying second-hand:

Devote more time

Time is precious and should not be compromised. Give more time checking all clothes baskets, and if you are in a hurry, you can absolutely miss the good you are wanting for.

Old can be as new

Combine second-hand clothes with your new wardrobes, even it is just only a piece. I am sure it will improve your whole style and appearance.


Do you have a friend who knows how to make some fixes to your newly bought second-hand clothes? They just need a few small adjustments and you will see a fine results.

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